• Summer Term 2017/Winter Term 2017/2018
    “Family, Fertility and Migration”
    (Research seminar/Master Level in English, together with Professor Sarah Carol), University of Cologne
    Development and practical implementation of research ideas
    (quantitative analyses such as sequence analysis or multilevel regression)
  • Winter Term 2016/2017
    “Changing Families and Partnerships – Comparative Research on Europe with the Generations and Gender Surveys”
    (Research seminar/Master Level in english; together with Nicole Hiekel), University of Cologne
    Development and practical application of research ideas
    (quantitative analyses)
  • “Mixed Methods Design in the Social Sciences” May 2016/ University of Cologne.
    (Research seminar/Master level in english)
  • Winter Term 2014/2015
    Workshops on the statistical analysis software R
    (Master and PhD level, in english)
    R Workshop
    Beginners level, Advanced level
  • Lectures on topics such as mixed methods research or demographic change.