After writing a monographic dissertation, which was published in 2016, I proceeded towards publishing shorter manuscripts e.g. journal articles.

Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

Fulda, B. E. and S. Kohl (revise and resubmit). Homeownership, public housing and political consequences in Germany: Pooled cross-sectional evidence from a low homeownership country, 1980-2014 , German Politics

Fulda, B.E. und Philipp M. Lersch (2017, accepted). Planning until Death do us part: Partnership Status and Financial Planning Horizon, Journal of Marriage and Family

Fulda, B.E. (2017, accepted). The transition to adulthood in individualistic and collectivistic cultures: Prevalence and timing of premarital cohabitation and direct marriage in Germany and China, in Dating, Mating, and Coupling: The Evolving Nature of Intimate Relationships (Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research), edited by Christina L. Scott and Sampson L. Blair. Bingley: Emerald

Fulda, B. E. (2016). The diversity in longitudinal partnership trajectories during the transition to adulthood. Demographic Research, 35(October), 1101–1134.


Fulda, Barbara Elisabeth (2016): “Culture’s Influence: Regionally Differing Social Milieus and Variations in Fertility Rates” (Immer weniger Kinder? Soziale Milieus und regionale Unterschiede der Geburtenzahlen), Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Campus

Fulda, Barbara Elisabeth (2010): “The effect of women’s employment on partnership stability: A quantitative synthesis”, Cologne, University of Cologne

Other Publications

Fulda, B.E. (2017) (accepted) „Leitbilder: Vorstellungen vom idealen Leben“, in Wert-volle Gedanken, herausgegeben von Roman Herzog Institut e.V., München

Fulda, Barbara Elisabeth (2017): Moving in together and marrying for the first time: A comparison between European countries, in: The new diversity of family life in Europe, edited by Sebastian Kurtenbach, Megan Lueneburg, Banu Citlak, Meglena Zlatkova. Wiesbaden: Springer

Fulda, Barbara Elisabeth (2016): BildungssoziologieKölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 68 (4), 731-733.

Fulda, Barbara E. (2015): “Milieu und Raum. Wie kulturelle Prägungen die Unterschiede regionaler Geburtenzahlen in Deutschland erklären.” in: MPIfG Jahrbuch 2015-2016, edited by Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, 75-82

Fulda, Barbara E. (2015): “Culture’s Influence:  Regional cultural contexts and variation in fertility rates” MPIfG Discussion Paper 15/4, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne, Germany

Fulda, Barbara Elisabeth (2014):
Geburtenraten und regionale Kulturen in Zeiten sozialen und ökonomischen Wandels“, Gesellschaftsforschung 2/14, 10-11

Fulda, Barbara Elisabeth (2013): “Beyond the Mean: Regional Differences in Fertility Rates and Social Milieus”, 8th Max Planck Summer Conference on Economy and Society, EUI, Florence, Italy


Grandparental norms and values towards the family: How are they related to grandparental engagement in care for their grandchildren? Accepted for
PAA Annual Meeting 2017, Chicago, IL

The family as a source of support: How and to which extent do family members help each other? Fourth International pairfam Conference, 2014: “Linked life course transitions and family outcomes”, Cologne